A bit of ‘NetHope’ for women in IT, in the developing world

I was on NetHope’s web site reading about their latest work and came across this great new initiative that NetHopeAnita Borg Institute and Accenture have joined forces to create.

It is all about connecting women with other women through IT who work in IT, from the ‘Western world’ to the ‘Developing world’.  Love it, and I have registered my interest in becoming a mentor.

As I progressed through my IT career, I didn’t do it without the support of others around me and strong mentors.

Unfortunately or well fortunately, as my personal career mentors have been fantastic and still are, most of them have been male. It’s a male dominated industry, IT! But on the occasion a female role model came along, I would take up the chance to discuss and pick their brains on how they got to where they were and how they did it.

It’s invaluable time spent and sometimes the advice I was given, I did not always know how it would be useful, but somehow my mentor knew better. They were wise and well more experienced. Going for that next promotion or the extra responsibility aka ‘stretch’ as known in the corporate world, I would think was it the right thing?

I would gain support from my mentor through that process and understand myself better to go ahead or not. I would also often lack confidence and maybe not put myself forward, when my mentor would know ahead of me I could do that next challenge and gave me the encouragement needed.

So with all that said, with more experience (and age!) I am now a mentor to others. I was often giving support or career coaching but more often than not, telling women in IT, yes you can do it and giving them much needed confidence.  Many obstacles are against us already let alone additional challenges that face women in IT in the developing world. So I have offered my support to give even more back.

Read more about the Women’s TechConnect here:


Register your interest here: http://nethopeacademy.org/womens-techconnect/

Author: Charlotte

Tea drinking, traveling female on the quest for new adventures and spending time on the things she loves.

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