Want to grow your business? Why you want to leave Facebook…

facebook4732-270x167I speak to many people about how it can be difficult to setup a small business or shared interest group on Facebook. I quickly reply, “That’s because they want you to pay. It won’t be free forever” I get baffled looks and people ask for more about this ‘not free Facebook’ I talk of. I generally give an example.

“Did you know when you post an update from a group or page not all of your followers see it?” I get inquisitive looks back. I continue…

“Well what happens is say you have 500 followers on your page. You send an update, thinking that 100% of your fans will see it. Nope they don’t.  A little facebook algorithm only sends it to way less than the 100%, you can go check it in ‘Insight Analytics’ and there you see a little button about boosting your post. Is that free? No. Facebook is not free. Here is the example of a hidden catch, you built up all those likes and now you cannot reach your audience for free”. I see some more confused but thankful nods and looks and normally the question…

“So what should I do?”

I tell them. Simple. Have a Facebook page but bring them to content on your own website. Else just have your own site and build your followers. You will always be in control of everyone seeing all your posts and content and be able to setup direct email marketing to target your customer or fan base.  Use the social media tools, as purely social, the chatter,  the showing off, the stories and photos but once they’re done more to the serious stuff and off to visit your website. It’s after all your shop window into your business. If you say or I hear anyone saying ‘but I don’t know how to create a website”… did you know how to setup a facebook page? No, but you learnt or you found someone who could help you. So do it. There’s a lot of talk this 2014 about developing further your social media strategy, completely agree, but first setup your home strategy and build your own site today. Bring your followers home, then build from there.

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Author: Charlotte

Tea drinking, traveling female on the quest for new adventures and spending time on the things she loves.

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