Not too late to plan 2014 – Top 5 Tech Tips for your business

It’s not too late, even if it is already the last day of the month. You can make today your first day to focus on your goals for 2014.

Have you set your goals for 2014? Have you thought about how technology is going to help you achieve them? No then don’t worry, I’ve thought about it for you. Here’s my top 5 goals…

1. Leave Facebook – Develop and build your OWN website, have a Facebook page as a complimentary way to gain followers, bring people back to your content when and how you want to, take them to your site. Read more on my earlier blog – Why you want to leave Facebook’ on this topic.

2. Get Smartphone Smart. I like how Marissa Mayer puts it “The mobile phone acts as a cursor to connect the digital and physical, it is an extension of us and our lives”. Think about how your business strategy aligns with the rise of smartphones? Have you checked what your current website looks like on a mobile device? Here’s a great infographic I’m sharing, ignore mobile at your peril indeed, from my new friends at Thinking Juice.

3. Talk more. I love this one! Don’t hide behind your social media updates but develop your social media strategy all about talking more, getting into conversations about what your customers are interested in. I use and recommend using hootsuite social media management tool to manage your week’s conversations, what more it’s free for up to 5 accounts.  Could be via your updates on Facebook, Twitter or more. Join these conversations but don’t get too obsessed or you’re prone to getting Digital Dementia as I warned about in an earlier post.

4. Planning Puts Productivity in check. There’s of course those other 3 P’s you don’t want to end up in… the poor planning equals failure. Plan, Plan and Plan again. What’s your day look like? What do you have to achieve today? To reach tomorrow’s goals, to reach the end of the week’s goals, the month, the year? You get it. A few simple planning tips…

  • Writing a ‘to-do’ list and checking them off when you’re complete helps me out.
  • Use free calendar tools (I like google calendars), to setup your schedule, send yourself reminders etc.
  • Drowning in never-ending emails, want to be more productive here’s my email top tips from an earlier blog.
  • Check out the neat project planner out of the box tool that’s free – ‘Project in a Box’. Also working out if something is that important it must be done today helps you juggle your busy business and gain balance.
  • If you have a business plan, turn that into your annual plan, goals, dates, budget, people, what resources you may need.
  • Then don’t forget half way through the year check in with yourself and see how you’ve done.

5. Sharing is caring! “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give”. One of my motto’s is to help others and they’ll be there to help you one day.  I’m a social entrepreneur and enjoy developing projects using my tech skills for good. Your business is a business, sure you need to make money, to survive but don’t underestimate how providing a meaningful business model impacts and rewards. In turn making you and your customers happy.

Author: Charlotte

Tea drinking, traveling female on the quest for new adventures and spending time on the things she loves.