Digital Transformation Trend Predictions for 2019


An infographic created by ZDNet to summarise its digital transformation trend predictions for 2019.

Hinchcliffe’s predictions for technological trends are big-picture rather than specific. Instead of placing his bets on particular technologies that will dominate the landscape, he forecasts the trends that are likely to influence them. These include better strategic organisation of enterprise data, investment in reducing technical debt, and better delivery on digital customer experience.

He also predicts that we will see a number of new technologies emerge in 2019 “to augment the vast and growing list of emerging tech that the enterprise must somehow absorb to stay relevant.” Fortunately, Hinchcliffe believes that 2019 will be the year that organisations become systematically better and faster at fielding emerging technology, experimenting, and trialling promising new innovations.

We’ll see how true that turns out to be – but the businesses that manage it will undoubtedly set themselves apart in 2019.

Author: Charlotte

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