Why, How and Where Time Gets Lost at Work

Everyone in your organisation keep saying “I’m so busy”? Sound familiar? Wondering how you can achieve all of the goals and vision of your business by year end? Often a business will review its physical workspace optimising it for productivity, yet it’s time to look at what else is slowing you down. There’s only so… Read More

What do you get when you mix Agile, 15 Communications experts, Project Management, Motorsport, F1 and about 6 weeks?

A showcase of technology and innovation at Goodwood’s Festival of Speed! I project managed this event with the Siemens UK Communications team for around 6 weeks, with some of them working on it for several months to make it the success that it was. Since the event I have seen some fantastic posts from employees who won tickets, crew… Read More

Is Project Management as we know it, dead?

With 20 years of experience, I know and have lived how Project Management over the years has changed. Submitting my CV with project management experience is not really cutting it now, you know why? Because companies and organisations are going through major change and need leaders who can take them on that change.