Enhancing Customer Experience at LV= Insurance

LV  is one of the UK’s favourite general insurers, a general insurance brand was looking to future-proof itself against emerging technologies amongst other internal changes. 

LV’s biggest threat is that in the near future it will be the connected car manufacturers and tech brands themselves that will have the authority in the insurance space. And so its biggest opportunity is how to become a business that can easily partner with these companies.

From 2016, leading both business change and technical architecture workstreams to deliver a 5 year Digital Strategy roadmap with full cost benefit analysis, in order to gain board level funding approval.

The outcome was “a really joined up, thought through road-map and set of capabilities that will allow us to act and deliver a step-change for LV” which will see it look at new channel capabilities, ensure there is a supporting infrastructure and develop a new and relevant customer experience platform which will connect all strands of the business.

Worked with stakeholders across multiple business units, ~60 senior business leaders across Claims, GI, Broker and Service and their executive group. During this contract I led a number of other eCommerce / web workstream, LV.com and Apps managing agile sprint planning, retrospectives, planning, RAID, business presentation of concepts for approval to the executive board. These helped improve and optimise the customer’s digital experience.


Project Team, LV= General Insurance, Digital
Agency: TH NK


Author: Charlotte

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