Unlocking the potential of Siemens communications

Siemens is a digital pioneer focusing on the areas of electrification and automation. 

They partner with their customers to unleash their business potential using energy-efficient, resource-saving technology and digital know how. With 15, 000 employees in the UK, 377,000 global employees and £6 billion in revenue. Siemens is the 10th largest software company globally, a fact you might not associate with the brand.

In 2017 we partnered with the Siemens Business Units and Regions and the UK HQ Communications team to bring strategic topics like the digitalization of processes, products and their services to life.

Transforming the way the Siemens UK HQ Communications managed all editorial, content and publishing for internal and external audiences with a SaaS, Amazon Web Services hosted digital content and approval tool and implemented with PKI / single sign on (Percolate)

Author: Charlotte

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