I started out as a programmer and worked through various IT technology project roles, most of my experience is in transforming existing processes and automating them. The experience I gained at General Electric including Six Sigma, Lean brings strength to all assignments I work on still today.

In 2011, I felt strongly that my career was good but it didn’t give me everything I needed. Basically something had to change. I travelled, I setup a limited business, I relocated, I did all sort of things to change my world. Now I am based in the rural countryside of Dorset, I work about 4 days per week and do it all remotely.

My talents and strengths lie in bringing organisation, clarity, structure through my extensive project management experience and motivating others to make a change. I conclude all my work with vision on a business or digital strategy and can add a lot of value outside of project management with what it really is, people management.

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