Chief Marketing Officer Role in Digital Transformation

Easing your company into digital transformation shouldn’t be met with trepidation, but laying the groundwork can make it a lot easier. Your team will be more ready to embrace change if change is an expectation. Continue reading “Chief Marketing Officer Role in Digital Transformation”

Is Digital Transformation just jargon?

The Digital or the Transformation can be misleading or jargon, and is diluted meaning the more it is mentioned.

Working with many clients in different stages of their digital transformation, leads me into framing with my clients what digital transformation is and what it isn’t. ‘Digital Transformation’ is a buzzword, appearing everywhere, with no clarity on what it is and what it means.  This can cripple organisations into action; some are not even able to articulate what is in they are in need of improving.

Before leaping into choosing new systems to implement, first an organisation should think about the maturity of digital skills of your people, this will be a factor in an ability to transform.

Transformation is also about an appetite to change. Motivated staff will wish to drive forward new and improved ways of working, but beware that enforcing it can result in demotivation and changes in the team structure.

The Digital or the Transformation can be misleading or jargon, and is diluted meaning the more it is mentioned. Put down the ‘transforming posters’ and PR is to put in place later in the programme, when you have tangible outcomes to demonstrate about change, unveiling a programme will also create uncertainty amongst staff.

Here’s my top 7 misconceptions in Digital Transformation;

  1. Needs a big budget to start
  2. So many different interpretations of what digital transformation means.  This confuses scope and creates fear in what it means
  3. When the transformation project is over, we can all go back to business as usual. Lots of organisations think you can carry on doing what you already do with some new tools in place.  Organisations that succeed in transformation are those who can adapt
  4. Customer experience is all that matters
  5. Digital transformation is only for tech companies
  6. It’s a big bang – incorrect, you can approach a transformation in phases with quick wins or smaller stepping-stone projects to form the overall digital transformation programme
  7. It’s about reducing the headcount and workforce

Moving away from these misconceptions and defining what it is for your organisation is what Technical Pursuit can help you with. Defining first what digital transformation means, together with stakeholders is a key step. Get in touch if you’d like to chat and work together to form your digital transformation.

How can your actions transform the world?

Upon reflection of the United Nations Day 2018, I wanted to share with you some of the great United Nations organisations I’ve been fortunate to work with so far and a little more about the sustainable development goals – that every individual or organisation can and should get involved in now!

Wouldn’t you or your organisation want to help transform the world?

You may think one individual or organisation action won’t make a difference, but through my own personal volunteering and involvement with charities, as well as assisting two United Nations agencies with their own transformations, I know one individual action makes and contributes, to many others, making a whole LOT of action.

UN Volunteers

Agency: RT Brand Communications

UN Volunteers are an international not-for-profit organisation who deploy almost 7,000 volunteers across the globe, to advance peace and development in developing, war torn and disaster struck regions.

In 2015, we began working with UN Volunteers, undertaking a complete brand review before clarifying and refining their branding which had become diluted, under-utilised and contained mixed messages.

Since the completion of the work, the new brand and messaging has been launched globally and toolkits deployed, in line with the United Nations’ Strategic Goals. The organisation has also secured several new corporate partners and sponsors.

My role in the process was pulling together the proposal and submitting our tendor to the UN Volunteers to demonstrate why working with us would assist their transformation. I then continued to be involved by overseeing the project health during the contract.


United Nations Industrial Development Organization is the specialized agency of the United Nations that promotes industrial development. There are 168 global member states all working towards promoting and accelerating this.

In 2017 we consulted and led an accelerated digital transformation project for this United Nations agency UNIDO. Worked with their chief of Communications and wider team, to identify and transform their digital skills and processes.

My role in this project was Digital Transformation Project Lead. Working remotely with the team from UNIDO’s HQ in Austria, we conducted interviews by videoconferencing, sharing documentation virtually.

A key part of how UNIDO operate is forming and fostering partnerships, your business may have a sustainable commitment to make and this is how you can get involved.

Partner: Leaps Innovation

UN goes digital

A digital tool for your pocket, is the Sustainable Development Goals in Action App, get it here. It has detailed information about each of the 17 goals, including targets, explanatory videos, key facts and figures, and suggestions on how you can help achieve them take action. What action will you take?

Form a partnership with the UN

Another way to take action is to partner with the many United Nations agencies and help them work towards 2030 and the sustainable development goals. There’s lots of examples already and your idea or action through a partnership could make a difference, just like our examples above did! The United Nations collaborate with creative agencies, the entertainment industry, media organizations and businesses who are committed to achieving the sustainable development goals. Here are few of their successful partnerships.

If you would like to collaborate with Technical Pursuit in helping your digital transformation, please do get in touch and I’d love to hear about your call to action in the comments to this article.